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Million liters of water donated so far

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Our bottle is free from BPA, a harmful chemical used in most plastic bottles that disrupt the function of the endocrine system and ruins your health in the long run. Many people argue about how much BPA consumption is safe, but we believe that your health is too precious to gamble with, so we bring BPA-free water bottles.

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Stay hydrated like never before

Thanks to our collaboration with we are proud to say that for each bottle with filter sold we donate 10.000 liters of clean drinking water to people in various countries throughout Africa and Southeast Asia, is active in various water proyects in countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nepal, Vietnam and Bangladesh. They have so far helped over 160.000 people get access to clean water, and have realised the equivalent of almost liters of clean drinking water in these areas bottle in sweden, during a inlandsbanan trip

Sharing the drinking water

Together we can have a very positive influence on this world, each bottle sold means that more than one person is provided with access to clean water for a whole year, and not just drinking water.
Clean water and good sanitation is the backbone of a healthy and prosperous society, too many people around the world still live deprived of this basic human right, we know that we are not going to solve this problem on our own, and luckily there are many organizations and people working towards the same goal; making sure that every human being on this planet has access to clean water without restriction. We are very happy to be part of this movement and invite any who share the same mindset to join this cause.

All in one

Switching from the straw to the filter is very easy, just unscrew the nozzle cap, pull out the straw and insert the filter in the same place, screw the cap back on and you´re ready to filter water. bottle with filter and straw in poland bottle nozzle cap in Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą Poland

Don´t get lost so easily

If you are planning a long hike, camping trip or just exploring in general there is a small compass inside the nozzle cap, you never know when it might be useful.

Design & Colors

Our bottle is designed to be easily carried in most circunstances, might it be for daily use at work or on adventures like hiking or even cycling, because of it´s size it can easily be carried in any big pocket or bag, and with the included carabiner you can clip it on basically anywhere for easier carrying.
At the moment the only colour available is our Ultramarine blue bottle with filter in Amsterdam

Perfect companion for a day out

Planning a day trip to a lake? Maybe going camping? Or just going for a long walk in nature? Our bottle is perfect to bring along, and if you find yourself without clean water just attach the filter and drink from most water sources straight from the bottle!

water bottle with filter by the river

Clean water on the go

Our ultra filtration membrane filter removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria, the coconut activated carbon removes heavy metal, chlorine, the antibacterial beads inhibit bacteria growth inside and the medical pp cotton removes sand and mud as a pre-filter.

water bottle for travelling and hiking

Tech Specifications

Size & Weight

  • Material type: High quality BPA Free Tritan grade plastic
  • Weight: 210g
  • Water filtration temperatures: 0°C to 32°C
  • Filter flow rate: Maximum of 450ml/min
  • Capacity: 650ml
  • Nozzle type: Push button to open, with secure lock
  • Filter lifespan: 1.000 liter aproximately depending on water quality
  • Dimensions: 240x100x80mm

Bottle Material

  • Our bottle is made from high-quality Tritan grade material, this material is BPA Free and is impact-resistant, which makes it very durable. The material is dishwashes safe making it very convenient to clean. 

Filter specification

  • Ultra filtration membrane: removes 99.9% harmful bateria like colibacilus, legionella, salmonella. 
  • Coconut activated carbon: removes heavy metal, chlorine and improve water taste
  • Antibacterial beads: inhibits bacteria growth inside the filter
  • Medical PP cotton: removes sand, mud as a pre-filter.
  • Filter accuracy: 0.01 micron
  • *the filter unit is not dishwasher safe and should not be cleaned with detergent


  • Ultramarine
  • More colours coming soon!


What does the bottle come with?

  • Bottle with filter: This package includes the Pureblue bottle, a straw for regular daily use, a simple carabiner and one filter unit.
  • Bottle without filter: This package includes the Pureblue bottle, a straw for regular daily use and a simple carabiner.

What water sources can i drink from with the filter?

From lakes, rivers, water streams, mainly any running water source will be adequate to use the filter with, prevent the usage of dirty or brown water to not clog up the filter, and stagnant water is also not recommended as the bacteria count is very elevated and risks of contamination should be avoided at all costs.

It´s important to note that under no circumstance it can filter water salty water (ocean/sea water)

Can i use the bottle without the filter?

Yes, we sell our bottle in 2 different variants, with or without the filter.
Without the filter the bottle is used with a straw, so you can use it on a daily basis if you have access to clean drinking water, the size, secure nozzle and anti-leak design make it the perfect bottle to take with you during sporting activities, to work or any daily tasks

How can i see where my water donation is used?

You can visit the website or various social media accounts of the organization that we work with,

Each bottle sold with filter equals 10.000 liters and each bottle without filter 5.000 liters

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How fast is the shipping process?

We offer same or next day shipping depending on the volume of orders and time ordered, We are based in the Netherlands and all of our products are shipped with PostNL, shipping times vary between 1-4 days depending on the country, shipments to countries outside the EU can take up to a week to deliver. All our packages are shipped with track and trace.

How do i become a ambassador?

As part of our dedication to our cause we work with ambassadors to spread our message, as detailed on our transparencty page we are actively looking for good hearted people to join our cause and help provide as many people with clean drinking water as possible.

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