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Pureblue Bottle

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Our pureblue bottle is made of high grade BPA free Tritan grade materials, resulting in a long and safe lifespan, perfect for travelling or daily use, with it´s attachable filter you can drink water from near to everywhere so you won´t find yourself without having access to clean drinking water
  • High grade materials

    BPA Free Tritan grade plastic

  • Great capacity

    Can carry up to 650ml
  • Long filter lifespan

    Can last up to 1000l

  • Easy to clean

    Dishwasher safe (Except filter)

With FilterWithout Filter
water well, ammount of clean water donated
Over 1 million liters of clean water donated so far to developing countries thanks to the help of madeblue
plastic water bottles saved from ending up in our oceans
Over 15.000 plastic bottles saved from going into our oceans, on average people who do not use reusable bottles discard an average of 156 plastic bottles per year, most of them end up in our oceans
environmentally friendly water bottle, bpa free
One durable bottle, hundreds of plastic bottles saved, pureblue bottles are environmentally friendly and BPA free. water bottle in Trondheim, Norway

The perfect travel companion

24cm tall and 8cm wide with a 650ml capacity. This makes our bottle the perfect size for carrying around the world, and with the optional integrated filter you can drink from basically anywhere water bottle with filter

Safe drinking everywere

The filter is very easy to install, when you find yourself hiking in the forest or camping next to a lake, just attach the filter and you´re ready to drink from most water sources (lakes, rivers, creeks) without having to worry about bacteria or other contaminants.
If you have access to clean water sources the bottle is most easily used with the straw so you can use it as a regular bottle
water bottle with filter on a treestump

Filtering power

With a filter accuracy of 0.01 micron it removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria, heavy metals and chlorine while also improving water taste.
Coconut activated carbon and hollow fiber membrane filter the water, and antibacterial beads prevent bacteria growing inside.
Depeding on the water quality filtered one cartridge can last up to 1.000 liters, 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the bottle recyclable?
Yes, our bottle is completely recyclable, let us know if you need any help or you can send the bottle back to use and we will take care of it!
Where can i see the progress of the water donations from the sold bottles?
You can check out to learn which countries this organization is helping through the construction of water wells and sanitary infrastructure, they have currently provided 137,290 people with daily clean water access, for a total of 11,722,178,235 liters of clean drinking water
Help! I've got a technical problem, who do I contact?
Don´t worry, if you have any issues send an email to and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You can also contact us through our various social media accounts.
How long will the bottle itself last?
It is recommended by experts to change all high quality BPA free bottles within a period of 2 years, taking into account an average water consumption of 2 liters per day, this means that during the lifetime of the bottle you might use it for a total of 1460 liters
How can I join the community?
We are always looking for ambassadors who are excited about our mission, and have a fitting personality to help spread our message to friends, family or followers.
Read our transparency page to know why we work with ambassadors and how we strive to be financially transparent. If you have questions regarding our ambassador program don´t hesitate to send us a message on any of our social media platforms our our email

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